The Very, Very, Very Big Ceramic Mug

Atelier Trema

  • The Mother of All Mugs! This big 750 milimiters mug is so big that you can even use it as a vase or decorative object. Atelier Trema designs beautiful tableware, sturdy and built to last.
    Each mug is unique. The images give a good idea of what you'll receive.

    Quebec Region : Handmade in Bedford, Quebec, Canada

    Material & Colour : Grey Clay - Creamy White Glaze. Oatmeal Clay - Soft White Glaze.

    Dimensions : Approx. Big Mug: Diameter: 4.5 "- 10.2 cm -  Height: 5.5 '' - 12.7 cm. -  Holds 750 ml - 26.4 oz of liquid.

  • Atelier Tréma
    Halfway between traditional styles - by grog clay - and contemporary - by lines, forms - the kitchen and table objects made by Atelier Trema are inspired by everything related to the sea: the East coast, the fishermen, the colours, the effect of salt, sand and sun, and objects found on the shore.

    Atelier Tréma offers handmade unique and practical ceramics, beautiful robust articles to be used in everyday life.

  • All Atelier Trema ceramic tableware is safe for both the dishwasher and the oven. 
    Avoid drastic temperature changes.

  • Shipping: We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

    Return Policy :  We can refund or exchange your purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. See our FAQs for more details.

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