Shiboridashi Tea Set

Poterie Pluriel Singulier

Salmon Shiboridashi
Green Shiboridashi

  • This tea set includes a beautiful little teapot without handle (Shiboridashi) and two matching tea cups. Perfect for the preparation of Japanese green tea such as Sencha and Gyokuro, the set is turned by hand and raku fired. The raku firing technique, an abbreviation of the Japanese term raku-yaki 楽 焼 (raku-yaki, lit. "cooking comfortable") is the result of an enamelling technique developed in 16th-century Japan. It is mainly related to the manufacture of bowls for the tea ceremony.
    Each tea set is unique. The images give a good idea of the one you’ll receive. The making of these raku tea sets makes them all unique. This is why colours, dimensions and motives can vary from one to another. See it as the pledge of a work done by hand.

    Quebec Region : Handmade in Saint-Armand, Quebec, Canada 

    Material & Colour : Raku ceramic with a network of very fine cracks.

    Dimensions :  Teapot: Approx. Height: Between 3.25" - 8.25 cm.  Diameter: 4.25 " - 10.8 cm . Holds 190 ml - 6.4 oz.
    Tea Cups: Approx. Height: 3" - 7.6 cm.  Diameter: 1.85 " - 4.7 cm . Holds 125 ml - 4.2 oz.

  • Poterie Pluriel Singulier
    Sara Mills and Michel Viala are professional ceramists based in Pigeon Hill (Saint-Armand) since 1979. They exhibit their works in Quebec, Canada and Europe.

    Sara Mills, a native of England, has been practicing ceramics since 1973. She completed her apprenticeship training in England and Ontario with renowned ceramists.

    Michel Louis Viala started his career as a ceramist in Paris in 1968. Invited to Quebec for the implantation of the Poterie Pluriel Singulier project, he settled in the Eastern Townships.

  • To clean raku pottery, simply rinse it with water. Then you can either air dry it or towel dry it. Do not place any raku pottery in the dishwasher or microwave!

  • Shipping: We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

    Return Policy :  We can refund or exchange your purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. See our FAQs for more details.

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