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7 Deadly Soaps

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  • Lemongrass, Wintergreen & VanillaAn invigorating fresh concoction with a lemon tea and sweet vanilla scent. Purification is an excellent antiseptic that awakens, enlivens and stimulates the mind in addition of repelling insects.
    Not recommended for pregnant woman and new-born child.

    Quebec Region: Handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Ingredients: Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Filtered Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter*, Calendula Oil*, Fragrance (Perfume)*, Citronella (EO)*, Tea Tree (EO), White Pine (EO)*, Benzoin 80% (EO), Zinc Oxide, White Clay.

    EO: Essential Oil

  • Dimensions : 160g - 86% Organic

  • 7 Deadly Soaps
    A renowned make-up artist, Joffrey Dumas proposes a line of exalting and stylized soaps, advocating the evolution of the market towards a better awareness of our environment. The "7 Deadly Soaps" are a blessing for the soul; a sensual invitation to take care of yourself and your neighbor.

    They are moisturizing, creamy at will, made of 86% of organic ingredients; They are beneficial for the skin and the mind, in addition to cultivating an environmental awareness:  
    - all products are vegan and gluten free;
    - they do not contain products tested on animals; - organic palm oil used in soaps is also certified fairly by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO);
    - their glue-free packaging is printed on paper containing 100% post-consumer recycled fibers, certified Eco-Logo (chlorine-free process, recycled and made from biogas energy).
    - all aromatic essences (fragrances) used as perfume additions to essential oils come from organic plant sources; They are 100% natural and extracted by distillation with organic alcohol.

  • Each handmade soap of 160g has a lifetime of about 5 to 6 weeks with normal daily use.

  • Shipping: We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

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