Ojami Cushion: Wine Red Tsumugi Silk

Von Sinnvoll Design

  • Ojami are meditation and Japanese-style decorative cushions. You can easily get on your knees or cross-legged on cushions Ojami, and they can also be used as pillows or stylish items for decorating your home. This beautiful wine red Ojami cushion is made in Japanese Tsumugi silk, traditionnaly used in the fabrication of kimonos. Today tsumugi is highly prized and one of the most expensive kimono fabrics. 
    Each object is unique. The images give a good idea of what you'll receive.

    Quebec Region: Handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Material & Colour: 100% wine red Tsumugi silk. Tsumugi (pongee) is a silk fabric woven from the floss remaining in the silkworm cocoon after the full threads have been removed. By spinning these broken strands together silkworm farmers created a fabric for for their own use. The lining of the cushions is made of hypoallergenic and malleable raw cotton. 

    Dimensions : 18" - 45.75 cm - Height 23 cm - 9''

  • Von Sinnvoll Design
    Ojami are meditation and Japanese-style decorative cushions, whose shape is derived from a traditional game called « Otedama ». Von Sinnvoll Design’s ojami are inspired by this tradition and adapted to the Western and contemporary demand. Ojami can be used either as stylish decorative item or as meditation support . Meticulously and carefully made by hand, these cushions can be used to correct our posture and enhance our well-being while being a medium of choice in our body balance.

  • Once sagged after use, cushions can simply be rolled to the side to resume the original and comfortable shape. To clean, use a damp cloth or anti lint brush.

  • Shipping: We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

    Return Policy : We can refund or exchange your purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. See our FAQs for more details.

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