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    Ariane Boudreault-Lambert

    Large Black & Gold Mishima Presentation Bowl

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    • A stunning large presentation bowl using the Mishima technique, which gives its engravings iridescent hues of black and golden yellow. Mishima refers to different types of imported and adopted Japanese pottery. Mishima originally refers to the shimamono pottery imported from the islands of Taiwan, Luzon, and "Amakawa". They were characterized by being roughly-made and often uneven, thus epitomizing the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi. In later centuries, it came to refer to imported ceramics (Gohon) from Korea with the slip inlay style. This style was imitated and produced locally in Japan.
      Each presentation bowl is unique. The images give a good idea of the one you’ll receive. The making of these bowls makes them all unique. This is why color, gradients, motives and format can vary from one to another. See it as the pledge of a work done by hand.

      Quebec Region : Handmade in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. 

      Material & Colour : Engraved and glazed stoneware.

      Dimensions : Approx. Diameter: 12 " - 30 cm. Height: 3.25 " - 8 cm. 

    • Ariane Boudreault-Lambert
      It is the relationship between man and matter that is at the heart of Ariane Boudreault-Lambert's practice. She seeks to create pieces that we want to adopt as soon as we see them. Pieces that will enrich every moment of everyday life. Parts that from the first look will have carved a place in the palm of our hand or our home.

    • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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