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    Mélina Schoenborn

    Coquilles - Handbuilt Stoneware Bowls

    Black Stoneware
    Egg Shell Stoneware

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    • In this small series of unique pieces called "Shells", each piece of sandstone is carved by hand using clay rods placed on top of each other. A beautiful praise of slowness! The ceramist then refines her sculptures for a long time with a scraper in order to reduce the thickness of the walls, to the extent possible. It's a delicate duel between the artist and his material! The pieces born from this game seem fragile, but their seats, with poetic, natural inclinations, occupy the space with all the force of their singularity. A delicate dye based on cobalt or copper is then applied to create bright shadows. The pieces are decorative (non-utilitarian).
      Original work. Only one copy available.

      Quebec Region: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

      Material & Colour:Chamotte sandstone and oxide tincture, 2020. Not suitable for food.

      Dimensions : Approx. Diameter: 7 "- 18 cm. Height: 3.5 " - 9 cm. 

    • Mélina Schoenborn
      Mélina Schoenborn is a multidisciplinary artist. In her workshop in Montreal, she shapes stoneware vases by hand in a context of slow ceramic. The Japanese aesthetic concept "wabi sabi", which praises simplicity, dissymmetry, traces left by the slow work of time and humans on objects - is at the heart of her practice. When she is not sculpting, she paints vases on canvas.

      In ceramics as in painting, she is interested in the dialogues that are created between objects. The works become a stage on which the figures unite, separate or echo for the time of a choreography of clay or paper.

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