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    Barletta Beewax

    Hand-dipped Beeswax Taper Candles Pair

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    • These handcrafted candles will bring all the natural essence of wildflowers and luminescent qualities that beeswax has to offer to your home! Long lasting, long lasting and all natural, they are sure to improve your daily life.
      Each candle pair is unique. The images give a good idea of the one you’ll receive. The making of these items makes them all unique. This is why color, gradients, patterns and format can vary from one to another. See it as the pledge of a work done by hand.

      Quebec Region : Handmade in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

      Material & Colour : 100% pure Manitoba beeswax, Cotton wick.

      Dimensions :  Height: 9 " - 24 cm. Base measurement is 7/8", by traditional standards.

    • Barletta Beewax
      Alison Doerkson of Barletta Beeswax is a bee ambassador. She handcrafts beeswax candles in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from 100% natural, locally sourced beeswax, combining beauty and functionality, in support of a vision of a living world.

    • – They are healthy
      Their composition is very simple: pure beeswax, a noble and natural product! These candles contain no synthetic fragrance. Beeswax releases, when burning, a sweet and discreet smell of honey.

      – They generate natural negative ions
      Unlike paraffin candles, which release positive ions, beeswax candles release negative ions, beneficial to health and well-being.

      Indeed, negative ions contribute to a restful atmosphere; they are found by the sea, near a waterfall, in the forest...

      – They last a long time
      A beeswax candle lasts three to four times longer than a paraffin candle, without additives! It also does not emit soot when it burns. Its light is also brighter and brighter..

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