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Les Citadines

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  • Inspired by all city dwellers... Mystical, deep and invigorating perfumes.​
    A captivating and heady fragrance. Crushed peppercorns, a hint of fig and a rich port with deep ruby color.

    Quebec Region : Handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Material & Colour : A blend of premium soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, rare and noble scented oils are part of the crafting of these candles. These candles burn for 50 hours!

    Dimensions :  Perfumed candle with black box - 180 g/50 h

  • Les Citadines
    The delicate fragrance harmonies of Les Citadines candles perfume your home while offering a pure and clean combustion. They are made with a blend of premium soy wax and precious scented oils to provide an ultimate olfactory and visual experience.

  • The delicate perfume blends of these candles provide a rich fragrance that gently fills the room. They are crafted with a premium soy wax blend, rare, precious perfume oils and the finest wicks, to provide the ultimate olfactory and visual experience.

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