Faceted Ceramic Tumbler

Christian Roy

Greige Colour
Black Colour
Speckled Off-White

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    These tumblers are hand throwned and carved by the potter Christian Roy. The simple wabi-sabi design,  gives imperfection and singularity to each goblet.

    In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-sabi (侘 寂) is a vision of the world centered on the acceptance of fugacity and imperfection. Aesthetics is sometimes described as a beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete".
    Each faceted tumbler is unique. The images give a good idea of what you'll receive.

    Quebec Region: Handmade in Bedford, Quebec, Canada

    Material & Colour: A mix of white and brown/black stoneware and recycled earth (from previous production residues). Satin matt glaze. The gray-greige glaze varies greatly depending on the earth on which it is applied. So, the results of a piece and one batch to another are subtly different and that is what is sought by the artisan. All these shades will get married in the end.

    Dimensions : Approx. Diameter: 3"- 7.6 cm - Height: 4.25" - 10.8 cm. Holds 8 oz - 200 ml.

  • Christian Roy
    Christian Roy practices the profession of potter since 1998. Working primarily for other potters, his production followed a dashed line, as the collection sold here are his first series. His work is mostly at the potter's wheel, sometimes porcelain, sometimes sandstone, the glazes highlighting the qualities and shortcomings of the different clays used, that have all their features and their interests, nothing is hidden. He likes to work simple, classical and balanced shapes, leaving ergonomics and natural beauty talk for themselves.

  • Normal maintenance. Dishwasher-safe. The satin matte glaze used is very resistant to scratches. Goes to the microwave, but the black earth gets hotter than the white because of the iron it contains.

  • Shipping: We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

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