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    Le point visible

    Moonrise - Childrens Crib Quilt Blanket / Wall Hanging

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    • From blanket to wall hanging!

      Inspired by the spectacle of the moonrise, this modern quilt fills us with wonder and, for a moment, let's us see the world through the eyes of a child.

      Because children grow up too fast and their objects quickly become obsolete, this format has been perfectly thought out to provide an evolving utility object. Warm and comforting, this crib blanket (for bassinet type beds) has an integrated hanging system that allows it to be transformed into a wall hanging once the baby is grown up. Ideal to keep an original memento, this work of art will make its new home on one of your walls.

      This blanket includes a wooden magnetized hanging system that allows you to easily display your quilt on the wall. Magnets embedded in the wood strips make the hanging process quick and easy.

      Quebec Region: Designed, cut and sewn in Bedford, Quebec, Canada.

      Material & Colour: Quilt: Cotton and polyester

      * This product was created entirely from upcycled materials, that is to say new materials which represent too great constraints to be used in conventional industry (end of rolls, coupons, designer scraps, etc. ).

      Magnetic frame: Solid sugar maple, waxed cotton cord and earth magnets rare.

      Dimensions : 35 " x 40 ". 89 cm x 102 cm.

    • Le point visible
      Behind Le Point visible hides Marilyn Bergevin-Armand, quilt maker. Since her childhood, Marilyn has surrounded herself with women who have been able to transmit their passion for sewing. Raised by her grandmother and her seamstress aunts, every moment turned into a pretext for pulling out the thread and the needle. Over the years, this family cocoon has become a place of transmission and exploration of materials, textures and colors.

      In 2017, after moving to the Eastern Townships, Marilyn met France Verrier: a seasoned quiltmaker from the organization of the Farmer's Circle. From now on, she wishes to promote this cultural heritage traditionally practiced by Quebec women and to promote this work that has long been invisible.

    • Wash in cold water
      Washing in cold water extends the life of our fabrics by preserving more their properties. Colored fabrics are particularly sensitive with hot water and their color may be altered. If there is a stain, wash the affected area with stain remover or local soap before washing the entire quilt machine in cold water.

      Dry flat
      The dryer is the worst enemy of fabrics, especially seams. In order to to avoid damaging your quilt, dry it flat on the clothesline, a ramp stairs or the edge of a door.

      Avoid storing in damp places
      If you have to store your quilt, be sure to keep it somewhere dry. For example, a cedar chest like that of our grandmothers is a container perfect for storing your quilt as well as any other fabric. These chests prevent excess humidity, harmful insects and on top of that, it smells good! The best way to keep it, however, is to use it rather than store it!.

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