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    Tulsi Rose - Wild Harvested Boreal Forest Soap

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    • Smells of Palmarosa + Bergamot

      A wildcrafted artisanal soap, utilizing wild harvested and organic botanicals from the Laurentian Forest in Quebec, Canada. Transport youself into the depths of the forest for a moment, while supplementing your skin with natural, wild nutrition! Browse the other soaps from the same collection of wild harvested boreal forest soaps.

      Garden Grown Tulsi: Also known as Holy Basil. In sanskrit, it means the incomparable one. Known for its adaptogen benefits when taken internally, externally it is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping the skin problems such as acne. It is also contains many vitamins and minerals so its great for the skin.

      Rose Petals: It is said to have the deepest connection with the heart. Alleviating sadness, boosts confidence and fights depression. Improving skin texture, acts as a nerve tonic and an aphrodisiac. The list goes on, but more than anything, the smell is divine.

      Organic Coconut Oil: A highly emollient base oil, great for skin and hair.

      Olive Oil: High in beneficial vitamins and minerals, makes an excellent conditioning oil for dry hair + body.

      Organic Shea Butter: Highly emollient, aiding in softening skin.

      All soaps are now zero déchet, they no longer come with a label, as that label gets thrown out anyways.
      All soaps are created in small batches. They are each hand stamped and hand cut, with love.  Contains no harsh chemicals, preservatives. 

      Quebec Region: Handmade in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Quebec, Canada

      Dimensions : 4.25 ounces.

      Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic shea butter, garden grown tulsi extract, ultramarine pink, biodegradable pink sparkles, blend of essential oils.

    • Cucamanga
      Cucamanga specializes in wildcrafted artisanal body products, lovingly created in small batches utilizing wild harvested botanicals, synergistic medicinal blends and sun infused oils from the Canadian Boreal Forest. Based out of Montreal, Celia Raquel Jimenez, owner of Cucamanga, spends her summers cooking for tree planters in the northern parts of Canada, allowing her to be closer to nature where she wild harvests ingredients for her Boreal Forest Line.

    • It is important to remember that natural soap contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives, so although it will last as long as any commercial soap it does need a little extra care.
      To enjoy a long-lasting bar of soap don’t let it get soggy, so don’t leave it submerged in water for too long, and try to keep it away from shower spray.
      Keep it well-drained (allow it to dry) between uses - ideally by using a ridged or self-draining soap dish - or leave it to stand on its end so that air can circulate around it.

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