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    Marie Serreau

    Small Earthenware Gallipot

    Blue Engraving
    Black Engraving

    • A small earthenware box and its cover.
      " In a galley find a pot, in the pot, hide a tale, galingale, tiny stones, lucky bones, pack with beans and a couple of dreams, throw desire in the potlatch fire, snuff a nose in the pot-aux-roses, pot for who? Pot for you! Potpourri for the merry, a pot-o-love with clouds above, to host a surprise for your eyes, store havarti for the mouse or a penny for the pothouse, pot to fill with what you will, open it and you may find it! "
      Each gallipot is unique. The images give a good idea of the one you’ll receive. The making of these small boxes makes them all unique. This is why color, gradients, motives and format can vary from one to another. See it as the pledge of a work done by hand.

      Quebec Region: Handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

      Material & Colour:White earthenware and glazes.

      Dimensions :Small: Approximately 2.5 "- 6cm wide by 4.5" - 11cm high.
      Large: Approximately 3.5 "- 9 cm wide by 5" - 13 cm high.

    • Marie Serreau
      Marie Serreau wishes to create utility with lightness, finesse and a smile. She throws earthenware for its color and for the palette of lights it offers.

      A window open to the imagination, her pieces have a playful character that is affirmed both in form and in drawings. Like an automatic writing evolving according to my imagination, she paints freehand drawings on the raw and engobed pieces.

    • The pieces can be used in the dishwasher and in the microwave. But hand washing is recommended. 

    • Shipping:We ship to Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and in most countries around the world.

      Return Policy :We can refund or exchange your purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase. See our FAQs for more details.

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