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    Jacques Benoît

    Fermentation Jar/ Kombucha Jar / Vinegar Maker Pot


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    • Here is a great tool to have on your kitchen counter: a vinegar pot. You can now make your own vinegar with this beautiful ceramic vinegar maker! Or transform it into a kombucha brewing jar and start making your own kombucha fermentation at home. The vinegar pot comes in the form of a wide-mouthed container. It is closed by a stoneware cover, so as to allow air to pass while protecting the vinegar from dust and insects. Finally, the vinegar pot has a faucet, the canelle, to pour vinegar without disturbing the "mother" vinegar. Click on the "Use and Care" tab to learn more...
      Each kombucha jar / vinegar pot is unique. The images give a good idea of what you’ll receive.

      Quebec Region : Handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

      Material & Colour : Ceramics. Glazes composed of Kamouraska clay and maple and cherry wood ash. Boxwood tap and cork stopper.

      Dimensions : 6 " - 15 cm in diameter. 10" - 25.5 cm in height. Holds 3 liters - 105 oz. of liquid.

    • Jacques Benoît,has over twenty-five years of experience and passion. In his studio in Montreal Jacques wheels utilitarian objects to pure forms of which glazes are an integral part of the objects.

      Jacques Benoit works porcelain and its glazes are composed of clay from Kamouraska and cherry wood ash and maple. The clay is collected in Kamouraska at low tide on the river flats. This dried clay, is crushed and sieved then mixed with wood ash. The colors thus obtained are always attractive and natural.

    • How to use the vinegar pot
      Soak the cork and faucet in warm water for 20 minutes. Push the cork in the pot hole to the maximun and install the faucet.
      Preparation of the "mother" vinegar
      The easiest way is to get yourself a piece of the "mother" deposit that forms during the fermentation of wine.

      For the fabrication of a mother, leave 1 to 2 glasses of organic wine vinegar (without sulfites) in an open bottle for about a month. Cover with cheesecloth to protect from fruit flies. You will get a mother for making vinegar.
      Preparation of the vinegar
      Pour two liters of good red or white wine in the vinegar pot, gently put the mother on the surface and wait for two months. Vinegar can then be withdrawn. Just add wine to it as is needed. The remainder of your wine bottles will be perfect.
      Preferably place the vinegar pot in a cool place.

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