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Cam & Céramique

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  •  As featured in : Les Idées de ma maison Magazine 

    This magnificent semi-porcelain pot is reminiscent of the apothecary jars of the pharmacies of yesteryear, but with a bohemian yet modern and contemporary look! Very practical thanks to its cover, use this pottery jar in the house or the kitchen to put away coffee, tea, spices, food in bulk...
    Each jar is unique. The images give a good idea of the porcelain jar you’ll receive.

    Quebec Region : Handmade in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada 

    Material & Colour : White semi-porcelain jar with lid. Glossy enamel and engravings on matt turquoise clay coating.

    Dimensions :  Large Jar - Diameter: 4.25 " - 10.5 cm. Height: 6 " - 15 cm. The jar holds 825 ml - 38 oz. in volume.
    Small Jar - Diameter: 3.5 " - 9 cm. Height: 4.5 " - 12 cm. The jar holds 425 ml - 15 oz. in volume.

  • Cam & Céramique
    "We must talk to the earth and above all we must listen it tell us all that it knows about us" likes to say Camille Trudel, the potter behind Cam & Céramique. The peculiarity of her work lies in the use of sigillated earth. This very refined and polished clay coating allows the ceramicist to carve the pieces with incredible precision. Her pottery is somewhere between bohemian and contemporary. 

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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