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    Valérie Pelletier - Ceramics

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    Something Sober and Timeless to Highlight the Clay

    Since her training at the Bonsecours Ceramics Center of Montreal in 2019, Valérie Pelletier has specialized in the creation of ceramic objects for the house and the table. With an artisanal technique on the potter's wheel, she carefully makes each piece by hand in her workshop in Montreal. The inspiration of her work comes from nature and her "land" of Lac-Saint-Jean, giving life to sober, refined and timeless pieces.

    By creating her works, Valérie wishes to bring a touch of beauty and pleasure to the daily life of people, and transmit the sensitivity and the passion that she feels for the work of clay. The pale blue of her glaze brings depth and shine to the pieces, strengthening the interesting contrast between the bare earth and the shine of the glaze.

    The refined aesthetics and the sober forms of Valérie's work stand out, as is her particular attention to the technique to keep the sight of the craftspeople's hand. She wants to give life to pieces that bring gentleness and comfort to all households.

    Valérie was kind enough to answer our questions. I let you discover her through this interview.

    Valérie Pelletier - Ceramist© Photo: Alex Tran

     In a few sentences, can you tell us about your professional background: your studies, the jobs you have had, etc.

    I first followed a technical training in television production after my secondary studies. I worked for a few years in this field, and it was while taking pottery lessons as a hobby that I got hooked. So much so that I decided to start learning this trade full time in m enrolling in the three-year technical training at the Bonsecours Ceramic Center, in conjunction with the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal.
    I also noticed that it was ten years this year that I had touched clay for the first time, and soon four that I finished the technical training! Time flies, as they say!
    A group view of Valérie Pelletier's ceramics

    Tell us about your creative process?

    My collection was developed during my graduation project in 2019. I wanted a collection that would follow me for several years and that was not just a school project. Over the years, it has refined itself. Some objects have disappeared, others have appeared.
    I wanted something sober and timeless, and it was important for me to highlight the material, the earth. One of the challenges is to juggle between production and creation. The sinews of war in ceramics are time, so it's not always easy for me to leave room for creation (for a new collection, for example).
    Valérie Pelletier's ceramic workshop.
    © Photo: Alex Tran


    Tell us about your work environment. 

    My studio is in the Grover building, located in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal. This building was once a textile factory. For several years, it has housed workshops for artists and craftspeople, and I share my studio with two other ceramists. I consider myself lucky to have access to a space like this to work in and it is stimulating and enriching to share it with others.

    Valérie Pelletier - Speckled Stoneware Bowl

    Valérie Pelletier - Brown Stoneware Teapot

    What kind of clay, manufacturing techniques do you use?

    All my objects are made on a potter's wheel. I could say that it is the central object of my workshop and my production. I spend most of my time sitting behind the lathe… not always good for my body though! ;) I use two different semi-stoneware for my two collections. One speckled and the other dark brown. They are two separate collections, but they have the same shapes and go well together.

    Valérie Pelletier - Small Chocolate Brown Stoneware Tea Bowls

    Valérie Pelletier - Speckled Stoneware Hanging PlanterAny creative projects for the next year?

    For the next year, I will mainly devote myself to the production of various boutique orders and I will participate in the 1001 pots exhibition in Val-David. It is an exhibition not to be missed, which lasts almost all summer. A hundred ceramists to discover or rediscover. It's worth the detour!.

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