Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics

August 24, 2017

Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics

From Salts of Silver, to Gold and Clay

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The essence of the earth emerges from the ceramics of Marie-Eve ​​Dompierre, these are carefully balanced between the organic and the structure, rigidity and fluidity. Her objects are at once refined and modern without being insensitive.

When one meets Marie-Eve, one senses her love for the earth, which she shapes by depositing the trace of the human, her imprint, is what one feels in contact with her pieces.

I let you discover her through this interview!

I read that you were passionate about visual arts. Can you tell us about how your artistic career unfolded ?

From as far as I remember I always loved photography, and the visual arts in general. When I was small, I loved looking at my grandfather's engraving books, and at my father's books on film photography. I decided at 17 to embrasse the world of image and I began studies in art and photography at the Cégep de Matane, a city where I lived for more than 8 years. There, I have explored, learned and forged my creative and artistic character. I then studied ceramics at Concordia University for a year and then for two years at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

Where were you born, and what brought you to Montreal?

I was born and raised in Saint-Raymond, a magnificent village in the hollow of the mountains in the region of Portneuf. I live in Montreal for 12 years now. It is love, friends, challenges and the great ambitions of a young photographer who brought me to the big city :).

Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - From photography to ceramics - Blog Post

How did you come to ceramics? And why this discipline?

At the arrival of digital technology, my interest in the photographic medium greatly diminished. For me, the gelatin silver process was as important as the image itself. I found the new digital image empty and easy, soulless. In fact, I understood that I needed to touch and manipulate a material to feel a connection with it. A little by chance, I started to follow the ceramic evening classes that a friend gave. I had a crush. Unexpectedly. It was love at first sight.

Tell us about your work environment?

I work at home, in my basement where I have organized a workspace over time. It's not the ideal environment, it's dark and dusty, but it's my cave and I'm fine there for now.

Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - View of the workshop.Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - View of the Dompierre's workshop.Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - View of some clay in the Marie-Eve Dompierre's workshop.You are a mother of a little girl, and you work at home, how do you manage to reconcile work and family?

Ouffff ahaha, ehh I do not know! Shared custody allows me to get down to work when my daughter is at her dad's house so when she is here it allows me to be 100% with her. And also I have a really nice mom who comes to keep her during rush periods.

What part of your work do you prefer?

ALL! But I especially love the moments of prototyping. My hands do not go fast enough for all the ideas I want to achieve. I also like working in series, there is something very rewarding to repeat making the same almost similar objects.

Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - Marie-Eve Dompierre at work in her studio.Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - Marie-Eve at work in her ceramics studio.

Are there any creators who inspired you in particular?

Michele Michel of Elephant ceramics was a favorite that inspired my ceramic debut. Matt Wedel, Shary Boyle and Thaddeus Erdahl dazzled me in sculpture. I love the work of Zhu Ohmu, Sisse Lee, Brian Rochefort, Suzanne Sullivan and so many others.

What are your other sources of inspiration?

That is really a hard question! Honestly I think that one is always inspired by what surrounds us. Life inspires, and we hang on to certain details.

How do you choose the type of earth and clay with which you work?

A bit like I chose film, lighting, development and printing during the photographic process. The technical choices must be in accordance with the impression one wants to leave, in tune with the purpose.

Marie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - Speckled Stoneware CupsMarie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - Speckled Stoneware SpoonsMarie-Eve Dompierre - Ceramics - Porcelain Cup With Gold RimYour pieces are balanced; They are organic, while having structure. How would you define your style?

They are on a thin line. The trace of the human behind the piece must be felt, but I love purified and simple designs. I think all my creations are in balance between composition and deconstruction. A game I love to lend myself into.

What are your creative projects for the next year?

I want to push the shaping technique further and the organic aspect. To be followed...


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