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    Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Ceramics

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    A Collection in the Image of the Swedish Way of Life: the Golden Mean.

    Ceramist Leïla Firdaous is the designer behind Ateleï's minimalist and contemporary creations. I let you discover her through this interview!

    Can you describe your professional career for us?

    I studied in visual and media arts at UQAM University both artistic approach and teaching. I then studied at the school of the Bonsecours Ceramic Center in Montreal and obtained my diploma in June 2022. I also give leisure ceramics lessons at the Dompierre ceramist for 2 years.
    Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Ceramics

    When did you start to indulge in ceramics in a professional manner?

    Since my graduation, so June 2022. My company has just started.

    In addition to ceramics, do you practice other art forms? 

    Yes, drawing and painting. It was my main practice during my studies at UQAM, but I have been drawing since I was a child and I have never really stopped except for this year, business start -up takes a lot of time!
    The Workshop - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Tell us about your workspace and how it influences your creative process?

    I rented the school studio from my graduation until the beginning of March 2023. As it was a workshop to share with my graduate colleagues, we help each other a lot during our creative processes. It was much more the human side than the workshop in itself which had an influence. For the future workshop, the space will be much more like the company: sober, minimalist with natural touches of various materials.
    Stoneware Plates - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Are there artists who inspired you in a particular way in your creative journey?

    I am inspired by other craftsmen all over the world, more particularly those in Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom and Asian. Their practices talk to me a lot.
    Teardrop Stoneware Bowls - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    How would you describe your style?

    The aesthetics of my contemporary products are influenced by cultures of the world for an appreciation and an inclusiveness of these various styles, more particularly Scandinavian, Asian and Maghreb styles, while being minimalist, refined and timeless.
    Stoneware Bowls in Mist Colour - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics
    Stoneware Plates in Boreal Forest Glaze - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    What projects have you planned for the coming year in your ceramist work?

    Several projects are to come for this year: to open a ceramic production workshop with a ceramic colleague in the southwest of Montreal, to offer leisure lessons in this new workshop, to participate in several markets and salons as well as the search for development for a new collection of Japanese inspiration. A busy year!
    The Lagom Collection - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Talk to us a bit about the collection you present on Chic & Basta: the Lagom collection.

    The Lagom collection as created in the image of the Swedish art of living. Lagom is a Swedish word wanting to say "the happy middle" or meaning "just the right amount" or "not too much, not too little". During the design of the collection, it was important for me that this definition is transmitted in terms of design, both in terms of shape and color.

    First of all there is the aspect of the form that has been reflected. The drop shape is put forward, it is a gentle shape in all simplicity, which can also recall the shape of a rock when it is more sculptural as for the gout vase. There is also the cone shape, which incorporates a minimum line without more, which gives way rather to the importance of the color and the usefulness of the object.

    The colors for the Lagom collection were not chosen at random either; Each color represents a natural appearance of the Scandinavian fjords: the land of the mountains, the forest, the mist, the rocks, the sky, etc. The four colors chosen in the end are those of the collection, or Mist, Petrichor, Boreal Forest and Storm.
    The Mist Colour - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    The Mist colour

    The Mist colour seems to be a favorite of my clients, so I'll start with that one. The mist for me is an effect of nature that immediately roots me in the present moment, there is something magical and fantastic when you dive into it.
    The Boreal Forest Colour - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Boreal Forest colour

    Boreal Forest seems to be one of the favorite colors of my clientele, and mine too! The smell of conifers will always be one of my favorites, and walking in winter in a boreal forest is enchanting for me.

    I confess that at the start, when I was testing the colors of my glazes, I was afraid to put it in the collection. The reason being that it is a very lively and present color, which I thought was difficult to harmonize in an inhabited space and with food. I'm happy to have kept and tested it, I realize that if you really like a piece, you will always find a way to integrate it. Thank you for adopting it!
    The Storm Colour - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Storm colour

    The third color chosen is Storm. I was looking for a dark color with depth, a bit like stormy skies or textured rocks. Stormy skies have always fascinated me and calm me down. It's a bit like nature telling us to slow down and take a moment for ourselves. At least, that's how I feel. And you, how do you feel during stormy weather?
    The Petrichor Colour - Leïla Firdaous - Ateleï - Minimalist Ceramics

    Petrichor colour

    The last color, Petrichor. It's a term that isn't very well known, but it pinpoints exactly what I wanted to portray. It doesn't represent an image, but a particular smell, the one the earth takes on after the rain. It's a somewhat nostalgic smell for me, which brings back many beautiful childhood memories on the farm at my grandfather's in Morocco. It was rare for it to rain in the area where we were, but when it did, it was pure happiness to be outside in the rain to temper the heat and to smell that intoxicating smell.

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