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    Christian Roy - Potter

    A Quest for Simplicity

    A glance at the creations of the potter / ceramist Christian Roy is enough to detect his know-how, and his great attention to detail. It must be said that the craftsman made a hand for twenty years by turning, among others, for Evelyne Rivest-Savignac, Marie-Joël Turgeon, and Pascale Girardin, three ceramists recognized in Quebec.

    The objects that Christian creates challenge us by their raw and refined side. When I saw for the first time pictures of the everyday objects that Christian created, I knew right away that I wanted to meet this talented ceramist. And when I went to his studio, where I was able to take in his hands his magnificent bowls, cups, and goblets, I had a real crush for them. From that moment, I absolutely wanted Christian to be added to the list of talented creators Chic & Basta is promoting.

    Where does this taste for pottery come from?

    I had the choice of enrolling in psychology at the University or going to the School of Crafts. I chose the crafts. But in jewelery. During the first session we touched all the trades and in January we confirmed our choice or changed... I changed to pottery... After a day in pottery it turned me on completely.

    I was fortunate enough to work for Dianne Marier of Quebec City for nearly 5 years. She took the time to complete my training. I learned a lot from her. An extraordinary woman.

    Christian Roy, potter. At work in his workshop. Bedford, Quebec, Canada.

    Before you had your own collection, you have turned pieces for other ceramists. I'd like you to tell me about your approach.

    Working for as many ceramists can be stunning, especially when approaching fall fairs. I would say that the biggest challenge is to get completely into a work bubble and get out of it quickly. Because between two contracts (two different potters), there is not much time. So I have to adapt quickly to every universe in which I work. With time it's easier, we know each other more.

    Christian Roy Pottery - Tea Bowl - Chic & Basta

    Christian Roy Pottery - Eating Bol - Chic & Basta

    Christian Roy Pottery - Eating Bowl - Bottom View - Chic & Basta

    What are your sources of inspiration for creating?

    My inspiration stems from a search for simplicity. To remove all that is not necessary by keeping only the essence of what I am. I'm still in process.

    Christian Roy Hand Covered in Clay

    What type of clay and glazes do you use?

    Black sandstone and white sandstone.

    Christian Roy Hand Throwing Ceramics in His Workshop

    And the techniques you like the most?

    Throwing, turning, engraving and enamelling.

    Christian Roy Ceramics - Chic & Basta

    How do you perceive the art of ceramics in Quebec?

    Ceramics in Quebec is young. We do not have a very long history. We have had for the last 50 years a great deal of Japanese influence; Pierre Legault, Marcel Beaucage and Gaetan Beaudin have learned or perfected in Japan ancestral techniques. These Quebec potters then passed on this knowledge to the potters who followed.

    We have a natural kinship with Japanese ceramics rather than Europe. Today the influences are multiple because they walk freely and quickly without too many obstacles. And consumers and potters are now drinking from the same sources, forcing us to always be more efficient!