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    Amélie Roy - Ameoli Handcrafted Soaps

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    Love & Respect for the Environment

    Visual arts, stage architecture, cinema, horticulture, these are some of the disciplines that Amélie Roy experienced before founding Ameoli, a small company that creates and manufactures handcrafted natural and organic body products, made with love and respect of the environment.

    Amelie was nice enough to lend herself to the interview game with us. I'll let you discover her here!

    Tell us a little about your career.

    I have always been in the art world. I studied for several years in visual arts, stage architecture (scenography), cinema, etc. But at the base I am a painter; that's what makes me feel the most. I love colors, playing with textures, shapes, transparency. I let the material create on its own when I paint, let's say that I let my instinct and my emotions guide me. I find this same freedom now with Ameoli in the making of soaps. This is the only time I have carte blanche on the appearance of the product. I appreciate this creative moment; something that is essential for me.
    Otherwise, during my last years in Montreal, I studied horticulture at the Montreal Botanical Garden. I also discovered a great interest in medicinal plants. I subsequently followed several courses in the design of natural body products. I have explored the environment and created tons of recipes. Over time I have limited myself to the formulas that are most important to me, while remaining attentive to the needs of my entourage...
    Amélie Roy + Chic & Basta - Handcrafted Soap
    What led you to found Ameoli?
    I worked for a year in the design of body natural products that were distributed to other Quebec companies. I gained a lot of experience during this period of my life; which helped me a lot for my own business. In short, this is how Ameoli was born. I started very modestly in 2015 and started full-time in my company in 2017.
    Initially my desire to create natural products came from my dissatisfaction with what I found on the market. I had acne skin and I could not find any product that pleased me. So I began to read a lot about the ingredients of the products available in pharmacies and I was outraged to see all the chemicals that made them up and especially the ones I put on my face. That's how I started making my own products. I wanted people to know what I had just "discovered" about the toxicity of the ingredients and also the adverse effects on their health. These are, for the majority of them, terrible endocrine disruptors and they are unfortunately responsible for several diseases such as cancer for example. In short, this is another subject, but still that is one of the reasons why I have founded my business; because health and mental balance are very important to me.
    At first I made products for my own consumption and those of my relatives and quickly I noticed the enthusiasm and interest of people for this kind of products. I received calls from strangers who had heard about the effectiveness of my products and who asked me about my shop. So I started selling here and there.
    Amélie Roy - Ameoli Handcrafted Soaps - Sold by Chic & BastaAmélie Roy - Ameoli Handcrafted Soaps - Sold by Chic & Basta
    What are your inspirations for creating new products?
    I constantly read and research on ingredients and plants in general. I also like to look at the creations of other companies that inspire me; it stimulates me and helps me to go beyond myself by creating new products with my own color. I also stay tuned for customer requests; while respecting my corporate values. The environment is very important to me and I try to respect it as much as possible in all spheres of my work.

    Amélie Roy - Ameoli Handcrafted Soaps - Sold by Chic & Basta

    Amélie Roy - Ameoli Handcrafted Soaps - Sold by Chic & Basta

    I read that all of your products are biodegradable, eco-responsible and above all not tested on animals. Can you tell us more about the products you use, their origins, their quality of the concentration of active products, etc.?

    Whenever possible, I try to buy the local and encourage the economy of my region with regards to the purchase of certain ingredients that make up my products. It's clear that many of them are unavailable here, but I always buy it thoughtfully and sensibly. I do not support large companies that promote animal torture or sell at lower prices for lower quality. All my ingredients are biodegradable and of very high quality; I am always looking for the best for all of us. I also collaborate with local producers, such as buying my goat's milk from a small local organic farm to design some of my soaps.
    I grow as much as possible the organic and natural medicinal plants that I incorporate into the recipes of my products.

    Tell us what Zero Waste means in your life, in your professional approach?

    Zero Waste is far from being just a current trend. It's a way of life, a way of thinking. It's actually a global emergency that concerns us all. It is imperative for me to take it into account in the entirety of my approach and professional choices and to be able to contribute in my own way. For example I opt for durable containers, reusable glasses instead of using plastic, despite their much higher cost. I also create products that do not need containers or even labels such as shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, solid exfoliant, etc. Also, when I send my parcels by mail, I reuse all materials such as boxes, bubble wrap and cartons instead of buying them. These are small details that make the difference.

    Amélie Roy in her workshop

    Who are your face & body products made for?

    My products are aimed at a wide audience; man or woman, child and adult. Anyone wishing to treat themselves to healthy and respectful products; there is no age to do it.

    Chic & Basta + Ameoli - Sopa Collection

    Future plans for Ameoli?

    I have a ton of ideas in mind for the future, but I keep them secret (ha, ha, ha!). Certainly, I still dream of having my storefront store... To be continued !!!! ;).

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