Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

November 27, 2015

Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

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Line St-Jean is a painter-artist, a very talented multidisciplinary artisan, and a friend of mine a long time. With a pure delight, she paints canvases and objects and prints linens by hand.

From her 14 years, Line wanted to become a decorator Line. She consulted a guidance counselor that discouraged this career choice. Finally, she decided to study fine arts. Subsequently, she worked for several years as a buyer, merchandiser, and colorist decorating consultant, and eventually she opened his own design shop in the Laurentians.

Her career takes another turn when, in 2005, she moved in Montérégie. The children left home, and having more time for her, her creative imagination went to other forms of more personal expressions. She took brushes and spatulas to renew and experiment with painting she had left out many years ago.


A passion for textiles

Among her favorite subjects, there are textiles for which Line says have a special attachment.
For the artist-artisan, noble materials such as linen and hemp are white canvases, where she expresses the influence of his artistic work. Line designs collections for home, small series produced one by one with kindness and happiness. Each object with its irregular fingerprints and eye-catching details invites to poetry.


Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & DesignLine St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

Line was kind enough to answer some questions for Chic & Basta.

Where does this taste for the creation and design?

My grandfather was a house painter and wallpaper installer. He also knew how to handle brushes and tools for imitating wood and marble. As for my father, an electrician, he could have become a decorator. He had amazing ideas, recovered objects, he loved to make our home warm and inviting! Ah the good old days vintage furniture and retro!
And me in all this, in my room with large 70s flowers, adolescence will not prevent me from loving doing housework, because I did it with my favorite activity, moving furniture, creating new moods and playing with space!

In what environment do you work? 

My workshop should be fairly tidy and not too crowded, and I need space and music too.

Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & DesignLine St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

What do you listen to and look at to feed your inspiration?

For years, I have consulted many foreign decoration magazines, observed the trends that pointed the nose, but you must trust your intuition, your experience of life, and this is even more true in painting where it is necessary to disregard the mind, and where it requires an inner journey if we may say so! My painting influences my textile designs, furniture patina influence my paintings...

Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & DesignLine St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & DesignLine St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

Tell us about your creative process of production.

I observe  the objects of my daily life and nature around me. This is where I draw my textile printing tools, subsequently, I make textile testing, exploration, and I even keep my trial and error, which sometimes become actual!

What part of your work do you prefer?

The creative process and meeting with people.

How do you choose the materials with which you work?

By my fingertips! Younger that's the way I found out if fiber was natural or not!

Line St-Jean - Line St Jean Art & Design

How do you organize your time between the creation of paintings, furniture patina and textile printing?

By blocks of time, and depending on demand. I used to go from one to another quickly, since they have a similar essence.

Do you have creative projects for the next year?

Always, and this is fun; tweaking your work, adding new objects, integrating new experiences, and finding a balance between simplicity and creative diversity! My collections will be even more focused, and with a wow effect! I hope anyway.

Photos: © Chic & Basta.

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