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    Marie-Joël Turgeon & Jordan Lentik – Atelier Tréma

    Portrait of Ceramic Artisans

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    It all starts when Marie-Joël Turgeon, still a teenager, receives an old oven and a potter's wheel from her mother who wants her to have fun. She is instantly hooked. Almost twenty years after, Marie-Joël says she has always the same fun working with clay!

    After a BFA from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Marie-Joël realized that her passion for clay still dwell. From this time on, she shapes the earth for our enjoyment.

    For two years, Jordan Lentink, her life partner, joined her. These are two passionate in their thirties who are now at the helm of the Atelier Tréma, whose name is a reference to the ë umlaut letter found in the first name of the ceramist.

    Marie-Joël and Jordan imagine and design the pieces together. She is the specialist in throwing and tournassage - the part of her work she says she prefers - while he takes care of galettage, sanding and enameling. At Atelier Trema, all clay residues are collected in tanks, and kneaded again in order to be reused for other creations.

    The pieces designed by Atelier Trema are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, inspired by everything related to the sea, the US east coast, the fishermen, the colors, the effect of salt, sand and sun, and the objects found on the waterfront. The clay they use for ceramics is a unique gray color, the result of a mixture of colors from a recipe of their own.

    Recently installed in a small town of the Eastern Townships, the couple offers a range of unique and practical utilitarian objects, objects we use every day: beautiful latte bowls and soup, large fruit baskets and pitchers equipped with boat rope handles, round and oval plates, cheese trays, cruets, maple syrup pots, and decorative objects for the home and outdoors.

    When asked what they like the most in their work, they reply simply "Everything! The days that are never alike, the earths and the clays that inspires us so much, and the chance to work together. "

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