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    Why Is This Page In English?

    Recently we had to make tough choices, we decided to display the Chic & Basta site in English by default. Why is that so? Aren't we suppose to promote makers and designers from Quebec, the French speaking province?

    Well that's right. Our goal is to promote the independent makers and designers of Quebec, and for that we have to get access to the bigger market of the English speaking people of Canada and the United States, a market of more than 300 millions customers.

    So we made the following changes to the site:

    • Sell Internationally with a Currency Converter

      A Currency Converter has been included and displays as a dropdown menu in the header of our shop. This will allow customers to update their prices dynamically throughout our shop.

 Choose between CAD, USD, AUD, GPD, EUR, JPY.

    • Default Site Version is Now English

      This will provide us with a better tool to market Quebec makers in the Rest of Canada and in the United States, Better integration will also be possible with external and social tools. The French version is still accessible by the dropdown menu.

    • Better Security With SSL Encryption Everywhere

      We’re pushing for a safer, more secure internet by ensuring all pages, content, data...everything, on our online store can be accessed using SSL encryption. Not only will this ensure that no data could be intercepted as it goes over the network, but it will also help  build customer trust. This is the right thing for ecommerce in 2016.