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    Ameoli : Amélie Roy creates and manufactures handcrafted natural and organic body products. 

    I'll let you discover her here!

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    Visual arts, stage architecture, cinema, horticulture, these are some of the disciplines that Amélie Roy experienced before founding Ameoli, a small company that creates and manufactures handcrafted natural and organic body products, made with love and respect of the environment.

    Amelie was nice enough to lend herself to the interview game with us. I'll let you discover her here!

    • 4 min read
    Marie-France Labrosse has always been strongly inspired by nature and its balance of opposites. It is a little what she throws to reproduce in her work as a  ceramist, juxtaposing skill and simplicity, color and subtlety, stability and movement. She was kind enough to answer our questions.
    • 3 min read

    Florist, horticulturist and now ceramist, Isabelle Simard creates utilitarian objects where the emphasis is on color and shapes. Her strong and spontaneous gesture is a representation of the present moment as did the automatists.

    She kindly answred our questions.

    • 2 min read
    With the redesign of the news feed announced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who will prioritize the content shared by friends and family, Chic & Basta thought to give you a few tips to continue to see the publications of your favorite shop ;-)

    Here is how to continue to see the latest news from Chic & Basta in a few clicks.
    • 1 min read
    Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, these are some of the artistic disciplines that Camille Trudel experienced before attending pottery training, and decide to make it a trade.

    We met her in her charming workshop in Mirabel, Quebec. You can discover her through this interview!
    • 6 min read

    Imagination is not given, nor is it acquired. Imagination is experienced. Nadine Hajjar's imagination draws its origins from her childhood in Beirut, Lebanon, and it developed further throughout her adventures abroad.

    Trained back home as an interior architect, she worked in this environment to realise that she was actually and truly attracted to the shape, texture and above all, function of the Object. Nadine therefore decided to specialise in furniture and industrial design by enrolling in, and obtaining, a Masters degree at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

    Nadine was kind enough to answer our questions.

    A glance at the creations of the potter / ceramist Christian Roy is enough to detect his know-how, and his great attention to detail. It must be said that the craftsman made a hand for twenty years by turning, among others, forEvelyne Rivest-Savignac andPascale Girardin, two ceramists recognized in Quebec.

    The objects that Christian creates challenge us by their raw and refined side. When I saw for the first time pictures of the personal collection of everyday objects that Christian created for the table, I knew right away that I wanted to meet this talented ceramist. And when I went to his studio, where I was able to take in his hands his magnificent bowls, cups, and goblets, I had a real thunderbolt. From that moment, I absolutely wanted Christian to be added to the list of talented creators Chic & Basta is promoting.
    Celia Raquel Jimenez, owner of Cucamanga, spends her summers cooking for tree planters in the northern parts of Canada, allowing her to be closer to nature where she wild harvests ingredients for her Boreal Forest Line. She was kind enough to answer Chic & Basta questions. She spoke from her heart.
    • 6 min read
    Recently we had to make tough choices, we decided to display the Chic & Basta site in English by default. Why is that so? Aren't we suppose to promote makers and designers from Quebec, the French speaking province?

    Pierre Chayer is an avid wood craftsman. Forever in search of exceptional raw material for various woodworking projects, he promotes clean lines that highlight the pieces of wood he uses.

    Among his creations are objects for the table and kitchen; pepper or spice mills, salad bowls, salad utensils.

    Pierre was kind enough to receive us into his workshop and answer some few of our questions.

    Line St-Jean is a painter-artist, a very talented multidisciplinary artisan, and a friend of mine a long time. With a pure delight, she paints canvases and objects and prints linens by hand.

    For the artist-artisan, noble materials such as linen and hemp are white canvases, where she expresses the influence of his artistic work. Line designs collections for home, small series produced one by one with kindness and happiness. Each object with its irregular fingerprints and eye-catching details invites to poetry.

    • 3 min read

    Monique Ste-Marie is part of this new generation of designers-craftspeople who manage to bring traditional know-how to the service of a resolutely modern aesthetic vision.

    After completing training at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT) in 2012, Monique moved into her studio in Montreal, where she weaves beautiful utilitarian and functional baskets and objects, with original shapes and attractive colours.